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About Us

Why choose Bronze Bay Tanning?

Our services consistently rank among the top 250 (or 1%) of more than 25,000 stand-alone tanning salons across the nation. Our staff of expertly trained technicians holds institutional certifications and is committed to helping you achieve the best possible tan!

As one of the owners of bronze bay tanning, I take great pride in knowing my customers by name and remembering the things they like.
Sarah Munkascy, Bronze Bay Tanning™

Our entire team is focused on knowing each client.

During the busy season, we strive to maintain that level of personal service and that's one of things that set us apart from the rest.

Certifications & Formalized Training

Formal training teaches salon personnel how to recommend proper exposure times for each tanner and it also helps them to understand the technical aspects of indoor tanning, identifying skin types and tones as well as how to achieve the very best tan possible.

Our entire staff is Smart Tan certified as a requirement for employment, setting Bronze Bay Tanning at a higher standard. We also attend conferences and industry training sessions on a regular basis so the entire team can stay on top of what’s changing in the tanning industry, as well as all of the new products.

Since all of our team members are tanners, this provides them the inside scoop on helping you get the best looking and longest lasting tan possible.

If you are another tanning salon in need of professional training for yourself or your staff, you can contract with us for training as we are certified trainers.

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Our customers really like this!

Our customers remain our single most important asset!

They come in with a purpose of why they want to be tan. Our goal is to help them achieve that goal and enjoy the experience as much as they possibly can.

Our customers are greeted with an offer to take them on a tour of the salon, where we offer UV tanning services in our private rooms featuring both beds and stand ups, as well as air brush tanning services (for those seeking an entirely non-UV experience).

They are walked by and shown the make up counter with hair ties, deodorant, hairspray, Qtips, facial wipes, cleansers, etc.


Why tan?

UV Tanning Info

UV Tanning:

Casual Self Treatment of Skin Conditions

According to a 2010 Smart Tan survey:
(i).  More than three million consumers frequent tanning salons for self-treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitiligo, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and to increase vitamin D levels.
(ii).  Approximately one million indoor tanners said they were referred to tanning facilities by their dermatologist.

Why tan?

Millions of indoor tanning customers frequent U.S. indoor tanning salons for their own self-treatment of cosmetic skin conditions and other non-cosmetic tanning reasons - physiologic benefits that can occur when one follows the cosmetic regimen at a tanning facility.

Could Indoor Tanning
be a surrogate
for what nature intended?

Vitamin D production is one of the benefits that has been associated with human exposure to ultraviolet-B (UVB) emitted in sunlight and by an estimated 90 percent of commercial indoor tanning equipment. While the North American indoor tanning industry conducts indoor tanning as a cosmetic service, an undeniable physiological side effect of this service is that indoor tanning clients manufacture sufficient levels of vitamin D as a result of indoor tanning sessions.

I believe the health benefits of exposure to UVA and UVB rays greatly outweigh the disadvantages, even if that means using a sunbed during winter months."
Dr. Tim Oliver, British Oncologist

Vitamin D Levels & UV Tanning

Vitamin D is a hormone produced naturally when skin is exposed to UVB in sunlight or indoor tanning units. Scientists through thousands of studies now recommend vitamin D blood levels of 40-60 ng/ml. Only those who get regular UV exposure have those levels naturally:

Vitamin D Levels & UV Tanning

Indoor Tanners . . . . . 42-49 ng/ml. . . . . . Sufficient
Non-Tanners . . . . . . . 23-25 ng/ml. . . . . . Deficient
Dermatologists . . . . . .13-14 ng/ml. . . . . .Severe Deficiency

Vitamin D sufficiency is linked to a reduction in 105 diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and most forms of cancer. It is believed that vitamin D deficiency contributes to nearly 400,000 premature deaths and adds a $100 billion burden to our health care system. 3. 77 percent of Americans are considered vitamin D deficient according to government data and overzealous sun avoidance is the only plausible explanation for the 50 percent increase in that figure in the past 15 years.

77 percent of Americans are considered vitamin D deficient according to government data and overzealous sun avoidance is the only plausible explanation for the 50 percent increase in that figure in the past 15 years. The indoor tanning industry believes that, for those individuals who can develop tans, the cosmetic and vitamin D-related benefits of non-burning exposure to ultraviolet light in appropriate moderation outweigh the easily manageable risks associated with overexposure and sunburn. Many doctors agree: